2016 printing industry how to excess capacity


The central economic work conference that in 2016, the economic and social development especially the structural reform task is very arduous, the strategy should insist on maintaining stability, a good grasp of the rhythm and intensity, the tactics to seize the key points of main is to pay attention to production, to inventory, leverage, reduce costs, make up the short board five tasks. And go to the production capacity is ranked in the first task, we can see the production capacity has become the country to implement the supply side reform, to achieve the industry's top priority.
Why is there so much excess capacity in China
Production process problems have plagued the development of China's industry for many years, then what is the cause of excess capacity There are three main factors in the system. First, the gap between rich and poor is too large, resulting in the low income class unable to consume certain products. Secondly, the product and the market is not docking, information asymmetry, the production of products can not meet the needs of the market. Again, the past year is a major factor in the emergence of a lack of credibility and brand recognition is not enough. In recent years, more and more people started overseas purchase, are eager to go abroad to go on a shopping spree, for domestic products and brand trust, is a direct result of the emergence of the problem of excess production capacity.
However, the problem of excess capacity in our country is not only a variety of reasons, from the situation of our country, but also has its particularity. In the coal industry, for example, the existence of local government, state-owned enterprises irrational investment phenomenon, and inefficient production capacity, zombie companies can not withdraw from the market, is the two prominent issues. Therefore, to resolve overcapacity, we must first solve the above two problems.
Go to production need to do addition and subtraction"
On the face of it, to resolve the excess energy is an industry to do subtraction, clean-up zombie companies to remove excess capacity, strict control increment. But at the same time part of the production capacity is due to the success of the market can not be docked with the resulting, so it seems, accelerate the technological innovation and product development is also very necessary. This is to go to the production process to do a necessary addition. Digestion capacity, optimize the stock, adjust the structure, upgrade shift, can not be separated from innovation.
In the face of the severe international market, the development of our industry needs to be more rational and objective treatment, in order to win the volume has become the past, and now the most important thing is to improve the quality of innovation to create value. Rely on innovation to capacity, may not be a shortcut, but you can go further. Originality and innovation ballpoint pen on the head, that is.
Printing industry overcapacity problem how to break
Although it is not the national governance overcapacity supervision of the printing industry and printing industry, but the industry overcapacity also really should not be underestimated, it has become the crux of the healthy development of business constraints. From the development of the printing industry for many years, already in the context of this pile up in excess of requirement, also led directly to the printing industry's labor costs continue to rise, the printing price fall.
Printing industry overcapacity problem not only exists in China, foreign printing industry is also experiencing such a dilemma. 2013 data show that the excess capacity in Europe and the United States printing industry has reached more than 40%, and has had an impact on many areas. Overcapacity squeezed corporate profit margins, forcing many companies began to increase profits through other means, such as through merger or collaboration way into some emerging or niche markets.
In addition to emerging markets through mergers and cooperation way of foreign enterprises, the problem of excess production capacity so which can improve the printing industry at present, optimize the allocation of production capacity, so that businesses can be snatched from the jaws of death overcapacity in the situation
The development of new technologies and the rapid change in the demand for printing will always exist, and will continue to play an important role in the next 10 years. In addition to productivity and productivity improvements, new technologies are also helping more and more enterprises in the market competition through innovative products. So, constantly, meet the changing needs of the market, strengthen product development is the right path to improve the problem of overcapacity. Understand the market trend, specific customer needs, to constantly improve the quality of printing enterprises, accelerate the transformation, to create greater added value for the customer, so as to be in an invincible position in the competition in the printing market overcapacity.
But at the same time, there will be enterprises to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency through layoffs, business activities, etc.. In order to cope with the increasingly serious excess capacity. But I do not know such a way is not desirable. Never underestimate the problem of "people" in the process of production, not by the name of "market", the laid-off workers inexorably to the market. The problem of "people" was listed as one of the premier Li Keqiang in the three key problems should be highlighted in capacity to solve, he clearly pointed out that "to the proper placement of workers, pocket bottom line livelihood security prison, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers." In fact, only make full use of expensive equipment and experienced talents to enable enterprises to remain invincible in the market competition, printing companies must bear in mind this point.